NORDIC NATURE 1.-30.7.2021  Gallery Galateea Bukharest Romania



We are Finnish Ceramic Artists, who have been studying glass and ceramic design at the Häme University of Applied Sciences. The common theme for us as artists is the nordic nature and its colors, phenomena and our heritage - all that can be seen in different ways through our art.


I am an artist, to whom nature and ecology are part of everyday life. I have graduated with BA in Glass & Ceramics Art and Design from Häme University of Applied Sciences. Before starting my artistic journey I graduated with MSc in Engineering (Chemistry) and have worked several years as Product Manager for laboratory industry.

When I start a new artistic project, my thoughts often go to Lapland - my second home. I am inspired by the vast wilderness of Lapland, small and bigger wanderers, the magnificent midnight sun and the silence that you can feel in your whole body.

I mainly use clay and glass in my works. When I am creating an artwork, in addition to these materials, I use other materials suitable for the theme like tree roots and reindeer skin. Whenever possible, I use local raw materials and various recycled materials like glass. In art, I also try to awake the viewers to the vulnerability of nature. I want to tell a story that matters.


I am Finnish Ceramic Artist and Designer. I mainly work with ceramics, glass and wood.

I am also socially and ecologically responsible designer. I want to design products that are sustainable in every level of the products life cycle. I have graduated with BA in Glass & Ceramics Art and Design from Häme University of Applied Sciences, and have also accomplished postgraduate studies in Design Management & Service Design. Before starting a career in Art & Design I graduated with BBA in International Business and worked several years in Supply Chain Management.

I study everyday objects and the environment and make it visible through my art. I often address critical issues relating to human connection to the nature. Important aspects in my artistic practice are colors and surface. I have exhibited in Finland and abroad since 2014.

It is important for me to have fun when creating something new - I believe that transmits to the end user as good energy. I am eager to learn new things, and like to experiment and apply new knowledge. I love to travel, and I find new places and the nature as a great source of inspiration for me.

Connection and cooperation with other ceramicists at global level is important for me; I have travelled and taken part in Artist Residencies abroad and made life long connections with other artists abroad.